Celebrate Science in Cork

There is a whole load of fun and interesting things happening in Cork for Celebrate Science week from Sunday, November 9th to Saturday, November 15th.

Kicking off with a Family Open Day in the Western Gateway building, UCC at 12 noon to 5pm on Sunday November 9th, there will be lots of science based workshops, displays, talks, demonstrations. Choose from molecular gastronomy, Lego workshops, Maths, Disgusting Digestion and lots more.

Throughout the week there are a series of lectures by various research departments in UCC keeping you up-to-date on new and innovative approaches in a number of science disciplines such as photonics, climate change, gut bacteria and the role in health and more.

Some events need to be booked so see below for further details.


Lego Workshops.

The ever popular LEGO® Education Workshops enable young people to be better qualified to meet the challenges of the future society – a future where innovation, originality and the ability to work with others will be key competitive parameters.

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Alimentary Adventures

Alimentary & Epicurean Adventures

Ever wondered what causes all the rumbling and gurgling after you eat your dinner? Or what it might feel like being eaten by a giant? Make your way through an inflatable walk-through tunnel that mimics the human digestive system. Or join a digestive workshop where we show you how to turn food into poo!

You don’t need to be Heston Blumenthal to practice molecular gastronomy. Join our scientists for a demo of funky food science magic.

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Science Magic

Science Magic Show

Sunday 9th November, 1.30pm at the Celebrate Science Family Open Day, UCC Western Gateway Building

Lots of cool magic tricks and experiments. Enjoy the Science Magic Show – we promise that we will not blow you up! All welcome. No booking necessary.

Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Celebrate Science have a series of lectures and open forums throughout the week of Celebrate Science week. We will be covering topical scientific issues that are of interest to the general public. researchers and scientific experts share their knowledge and experience across a wide range of areas such as health, materials science and big data.

Some of these lectures may need to be booked in advance.

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Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

Marine Renewable Energy Ireland Workshops

MaREI have all sorts of cool things going on at the Sunday November 9th Family Open Day. Have a go at tracking a “mystery animal” or test drive a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). MaREI will also have an interactive demonstration on offshore wind energy and will discuss how renewable energy sources can be used to power your X-Box.

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FLAME Anatomy & Neuroscience Laboratory Tour & Workshop

Get a rare glimpse of where Ireland’s future doctors learn about the human body. The FLAME laboratory is one of the most sophisticated Anatomy Training facilities in the world. Attend a workshop that will show you the inner workings and structures of the human body.

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Tour of the Tyndall Institute with IPIC

IPIC invites all members of the public to enter through the turnstiles of our home, Tyndall National Institute. This is a rare opportunity to enter a buidling closed to the general public. An evening of fantastic and exciting talks beckon, plus short film screenings, ending in a tea/coffee reception.

Places are limited so booking is essential.

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UCC Campus

Tour of UCC Campus

Take a tour of one the oldest universities in the world. The UCC Campus Tour visits some of the most historical parts of the college, many of which are generally off limits. UCC was established in 1845 to provide access to higher education in the Irish province of Munster.

Come and learn about the rich history of UCC on this Not to be Missed campus tour.

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Moneyball Science Movie – Big Data in Sport

Sunday November 9th, Family Fun Day, 2.15pm – 5.30pm

The Insight Centre host the film Moneyball, that explore Big Data and Sports Science and its role in the race for sporting excellence and success.

The critically acclaimed Moneyball is based on the true-life story of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s and his successful attempt to assemble a baseball team on a lean budget by employing computer-generated analysis to acquire new players.

Afterwards, meet the Insight Centre scientists as they discuss the role of Big Data in sport and other areas of our lives such as energy and home appliances and the new ride-sharing apps.


Cork Institute of Technology Celebrate Science

CIT are involved in celebrating the power of science with a number of events during Science Week. Come and visit the CIT researchers on Sunday, November 9th. Also, get involved in CIT events including tours, cool art exhibitions and more, that will take place on the CIT campus during Science Week from November 10th to 15th.

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UCC Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry and Cell Biology Laboratory Tour & Workshop

Visit the state-of-the-art Biochemistry laboratory and take part in a Molecular Biology workshop during the Family Open Day on Sunday November 9th. Learn all about DNA and proteins and get to run a DNA sample on an agarose gel.

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Fibre Optic Photonics

Photonics Workshop

Ever wondered how light can be transformed into energy? Take part in this cool, hands-on workshop. Each team will complete a series of interactive experiments surrounding the topic of light and photonics using a Photonics Explorer kit. Scientists from IPIC will be there to demonstrate the experiments and to answer questions on how we use photonics in our everyday lives.

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UCC Brewery & Bakery

UCC Brewery & Bakery Tour

Did you think that the art of making beer and baking bread was as a result of a never-changing recipe passed down through the generations? Not anymore in the 21st century! Times have changed and science is responsible for the introduction of hundreds of new beer and baked goods types. The Cereal processing research facility at the Department Food and Nutritional Science University College Cork offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to experience the overlapping spheres of Science and Gastronomy.

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Lifetime Lab

VEX IQ Robotics Challenge

Come and take part in the EMC2 sponsored VEX IQ Robotics Challenge to Ireland at the Lifetime Lab stand during our Celebrate Science Family Open Day. Get your robots to complete a series of challenges against your competitors.

In partnership with Lifetime Lab and supported by Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme, the VEX IQ Robotics challenge is designed to provide an engaging and fun experience. The VEX IQ Curriculum will engage STEM in a highly engaging, hands-on manner to primary school students that will stimulate learning and encourage creative problem solving.


SEAI Energy Challenge Games

Lifetime Lab, in conjunction with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) host a stand at Celebrate Science. Children will have a great time playing the SEAI energy challenge floor game, testing their knowledge on all things climate and science!!” You will also have the opportunity to try hands on and fun science experiments on the day!!


Computer Data makes Art

Want to see what you look like inside the MATRIX? Come and visit the Insight Centre display area and get your own personalised computer-generated portrait! Your likeness is generated with the help of sophisticated Mathematics and Constraint Programming (a branch of Computer Science). The cool part is, that your image is rendered using a given number of sets of dominos. As each set contains 55 dominos (double-nine dominos) and the dominos have to be used exactly once –this makes the problem difficult. Try working that out in your head!

EU Researchers

EU Researchers Corner

Make sure you come along to hear young SFI researchers give their lightning fast presentations tomorrow at Celebrate Science @3pm in lecture theatre G03, Western Gateway Building, UCC

  • “What’s bugging you? Probiotics, stress and memory”. Andrew Allen, Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, UCC
  • “The journey of copper from coins to chips”. Gangotri Dey, Tyndall National Institute
  • “A design for life – enzymes as nature’s artists”. Declan Gavin, Synthesis &Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre, UCC
  • “From belly to brain”. Ruairi Robertson, Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, Teagasc
  • “Bookmarks in the book of life: How reading genes helps us remember“. Roman Stilling, Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, UCC
  • “ICT for Community Health”. Simon Woodworth, Infant
  • “Marine Renewable Energy – Harnessing the Power of our Oceans”. Christopher Wright, Marine Renewable Energy Ireland, UCC


MathWorks with Lifetime Lab Workshop

So you think that there is NO WAY that maths can be fun? Well be proven wrong at the Lifetime Lab MathsWorks workshops. We promise a stimulating and fun introduction to elementary maths, using sight, sound, touch and movement.

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INFANT Display, Baby Brainwaves & DNA Demo

A must for all parent of new babies. The INFANT Centre is an international leader of discovery and innovation in perinatal healthcare and developed some cool technologies to monitor the health of your newborn baby. Come and meet the researchers, view baby brain waves set to music, and take part in a DNA workshop.

Come to the INFANT stand in the atrium of the western Gateway building on the Family Fun Day, November 9th.

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3D printer

Synthetic Biology with Formalabs

Formalabs will be hosting demonstrations of 3D printing, applications of synthetic biology (SynBio), DNA extraction from fruit, DIY Bio laboratory equipment for citizen science.

Also Foxfire! Our bioluminescent organism exhibit.

Come to the FORMALABS stand in the atrium of the Western Gateway building on the Family Fun Day, November 9th.

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