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Cougar safety - Banff National Park.
Always use the wildlife-proof garbage bins. Talk to your children about what to do to if they encounter a cougar. If You See a Cougar. Do not approach the animal. Face the cougar, and retreat slowly - do NOT run or play dead.
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Kittens have spotted coats until they are about six months old. The Cougar is a shy animal rarely seen by humans. Where it lives. The Cougar lives in large, undisturbed forests or other natural areas where there is little human activity.
Cougar - Wikipedia.
Of the large predators in Yellowstone National Park - the grizzly bear, the black bear, the gray wolf, and the cougar - the massive grizzly bear appears dominant, often but not always able to drive a gray wolf pack, an American black bear, and a cougar off their kills.
Mountain Lion National Wildlife Federation.
The eastern cougar, a subspecies of mountain lion, was declared officially extinct by the U.S. Fish Wildlife Service in 2011, although individuals from western populations have been confirmed to wander as far as the East Coast. Florida panthers, the other U.S.
Cougar slang - Wikipedia.
The 2007 film Cougar Club was dedicated to the subject and, in spring 2009, TV Land aired a reality show called The Cougar where women would pick a date. The 2009 sitcom Cougar Town originally explored the difficulty and stigma of many so-called cougars.
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Cougar Fuels is your locally owned Petro-Canada commercial fueling centre for bulk fuels, lubricants, and specialty fluids. To get you and your rig back on the road, as quickly as possible, many of our Cougar Fuels Petro-Pass cardlock centres have a quick-stop confectionary with auto supplies.
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Le cougar figure parmi les plus grands et les plus puissants prédateurs d'Amérique' du Nord. Un cougar mâle peut mesurer jusquà 2,4, mètres 8 pieds de long et peser plus de 90 kilos 200 livres. Période daccouplement des cougars. Le cougar est un animal solitaire, sauf pendant la saison de laccouplement.

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